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Geahk & His Children


Known worldwide as a marionette builder with a long history of innovation in hand-puppets, rod-puppets, shadow-puppets, Vietnamese water-puppets, automata, and large costumes / stage puppets.

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And Other Marionette Troupes

For over decade Geahk Burchill was the co-founder, Director, and Artistic Director of The CastIron Carousel Marionette Troupe, a live performance puppet company bringing grown-up themes and dark stories to audiences in Portland and the Northwest. Described as 'H.G. Welles meets H.P. Lovecraft' they told stories of ancient books, cantankerous contraptions and cosmic horror from out side The Void Beyond Time and the very bottom of The Uncanny Valley.

Previously Geahk Burchill had been a member or collaborator of three other troupes:

  • The Scratch Brothers Presto-Digital Phantasmagoria, 1998-2000

  • Ragged Things: With Strings Attached, 2001 - 2002

  • Skin & Bones, with the late Sean Rothery 2002 - 2004

  • The CastIron Carousel founded with Adam Bolivar, 2004 - 2015

An Introduction
Visiting the Grave
Daniel Encounters the Book
Farmer John Advises Caution
An Odd Occurance
Daniel Candlewick Meets The Family
Walter Schmitty Fills the tank
Old Sparky
The Moorgate Prison Laundry
Curley's Father's Ranch
Dr. Hadrian Studies the Text
The Very Thin Cow
Lilith Contemplates Her Existence
George Comforts Lennie
Lennie Asks
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Read more about some of these past plays from Geahk's three former troupes; The CastIron Carousel, The Scratch Bros. Presto-Digital Phantasmagoria, Skin & Bones, or Ragged Things.

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