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Click below for free patterns, templates, didactic drawings and instructions on building marionettes, props, or setting up a marionette stage

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Teaching • Filmmaking • Tutorials • Classes • Books

A lot of what I do is centered around teaching what I know to others. In the form of in-person classes, online tutorials, my marionette-making poster-template, or coming: book on the craft. Supporting me also helps create marionette films and live theater performances.

You can help in a few ways, donating directly via PayPal one-time payment, buying my merch or materials, or an ongoing donation to my Patreon.

I can help you learn from my experience. I put in more than twenty years of trial and error and experimentation to develop many techniques. Now you can skip the anguish and frustration and get right to the joy of creating.

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Here you will find all of the patterns, templates, drawings, supplies lists, and tutorial videos I have so far made on the craft of marionette making. This section will continue to expand so make sure to check back regularly, or pester me for updates.

See links to Support or Buy Products below.

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Also visit my YouTube channel where I post tutorials on many topics. Make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to be notified when I upload content!

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I sell marionette poster templates and merch at Zazzle and Redbubble. You can find a wide variety of fun products printed with my art, including Monster Clothing, a line of disquieting printed textures to wear & scare.


Here you'll find my iconic St Johns Bridge illustration and many other pieces of work on posters and t-shirts, as well as my other Monster Clothing designs

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Here you'll find a small selection of my art printed on products but the main feature of this store is the handsome, giant Marionette Template Pattern which condenses all the most important information on how to build a marionette into one place. Just trace the pattern pieces and get right to building!

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Feel free to contact me with questions or opportunities. You can also read articles I write on tools, techniques, history, and projects I'm currently working on, in my ever-expanding blog section

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