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This is my Version 30 Marionette Control Template. It represents the culmination of over twenty years of design and performance testing.


When I first began building & puppeteering marionettes in 1998, I soon realized the designs I found in books were very uncomfortable. I developed arthritis in my wrists at a young age and I set out to make a comfortable and intuitive replacement for the controls I used on my early puppets.


Over 23 years later a lot has changed. I have made hundreds of tiny alterations and major overhauls to get to this point. While  don't think this is my final word on control design, I think this is a very solid foundation!


This is a digital file that can be printed on, either, 11" x 17" OR A3 paper at 100%. If your printer only prints letter sized or A4, you can print each side and tape together.


This template can be glued down to your 12mm or 3/8" plywood and parts cut out on a bandsaw, scrollsaw, or with a coping saw. Complete stringing instructions are also shown on the template as well as my method for belaying strings using pegs. (very useful!)


You can also find this template free on The CastIron Carousel Facebook page in the photo album labeled Marionette Making Resources.

Printable Version 30 Marionette Control Template

  • 11" x 17" OR A3 paper

    5100 × 3300 PNG image

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