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Whenever someone asks me to build a marionette for them my first response is to ask if they would like to try making it for themselves.

After all, I'm a teacher at heart and, as much as I like making puppets, I'm even more interested in getting other people to make puppets!


To make that easier I have been working a very long time on creating a marionette kit for sale. I wanted to create a hobby level kit for masters and beginners alike. One which didn't require any power tools—or any background at all, but could reward even the most advanced carver. It comes with everything you need to get started!


This kit will contain:

  • All the wooden parts, rough-cut & ready to carve
  • Including precut parts for my Version 30 Controller
  • All the machined brass I use in my own puppets
  • A Warren Cutlery handle & blade (my favorite knife)
  • All the hardware, cord, thread, & drill bits you'll need
  • Complete printed instructions + links to video tutorials
  • Shipping is included within the contiguous United States


This batch of kits will ship out on August 15th, as kits are backlogged about six weeks.


I have been building marionettes since 1998; about 25 years. During that time I have endlessly tinkered with creating the perfect design. I have worked hard to make my puppets well designed, reliable, long lasting, and to move with all the life and grace the puppeteer can imbue it with. While I don't believe this is anywhere close to the final form, I have refined my methods to a point where I am confident I can teach others and they will get fantastic results.


Now I just need to get my kits out there and receive some feedback from actual users. I am selling my kits at just above cost, shipping included, so I can afford to test the kits useability and my production process. At the moment, I will be hand-making every kit myself, in a first batch of 25 kits. Before I offer these to a wider audience, I need to test the feasibility of my processes. I already sold 15 of these and am giving 10 to my Patrons but I had some extra parts so I put 5 more up here on my website.


However, these do come with one small catch! I need your feedback. Each kit bought will contain a QR link to a survery where I would like you to answer some questions about your experience with the kit. Any confusions you had with the instructions or suggestions you have for improvements. This is the most important part and the reason I am offering the kits at this price.


On top of that, these kits will help me pay the rent and cover materials and shipping while I spend the next month focused on this process.

Thank you for considering a purchase.

Marionette Kit Beta 1.2

$350.00 Regular Price
$245.00Sale Price
  • I recently sold out of the 15 kits I posted in my shop and several people asked if there are any more, so I'm making 5 extra.

    This is a pre-order, so you won't receive your kit right away. I am using this to fund the study of the process to make the jigs and refine the creation of these kits to be efficient in the future. Right now, they take far more hours to make than what selling them for.

    Your kit will ship out on May 15th. It may arrive a few days after that.

    These are prototype kits, as such I can't offer any kind of refunds or warranty, but if you have problems with the kit I would like to know and will do whatever I can to make it work for you.

    I will need you to answer a survey about your experience with the kit. Because these will be costly and challenging for me to make, this offer is only avaiable to those willing to use the kit and give me some feedback. Please do not order if you are not willing to give me your thoughts.

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