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Carving the Pelvis

Slightly more complicated than carving the Torso, the pelvis has some more rounded forms and a tricky concave section where the upper legs must rotate on the hip-axle.

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Carving the Pelvis: Text

Rounding and shaping

Here we'll learn how to handle and remove material from large forms. The torso is the biggest mass on your puppet and mostly round, so it can be a challenge to get a proper grip when carving. We'll go over some tips to handle it.

We'll revisit safety again, making sure you don't put your hands in any danger while managing this largest piece.

While we're at it, we'll look at what it would take to ADD material to your puppet, using your Practice Block or additional basswood you have purchased separately. This way you can look at ways of expanding the shape of your puppet before getting into the detailed task of carving away excess material.

Carving the Pelvis: Text
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Carving the Pelvis: Text
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