Adept in illustration & design,

woodworking, carving,

set design, & building,

sewing, sculpting, storytelling

metal shaping & fabrication

& mechanical engineering.

Puppetmaker, costumer.

Puppeteer, writer, teacher

and multi-media artist.

Attracted to new materials;

endlessly curious.

I make stuff, it's what I do.

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Integrating engineering with aesthetics & story

Though I have many skills and interests my work can mostly be contained in these, five, broad categories



Marionettes & Others

I'm known worldwide as a marionette builder but have a long history with hand-puppets, rod puppets, shadows, Vietnamese Water-Puppets, automata, and large costumes or stage puppets.


Puppeted,+ Masks

Largely for theater, still photography, and events, I have been making costumes with puppeted elements, lighting and rigorous use (acrobatics & tumbling) for about 20 years. built for ease of wear, comfort, and to impress.


Sets & Miniatures

From prop-objects, stage weapons, and technology to models, miniatures, set-design and built environments, I have been making objects for film, photography, and theater for well over a decade.


Drawing & Comics

Illustrations for book and album covers, comics and games, posters and flyers, comics and graphic novels, concept and character development, murals and signage--even some animation; more than 30 years experience using a vast array of media, from traditional to digital.


Sets, Characters, Mechanics

Costumes and character design, world-building, theater sets and dramaturgy, mechanical and structural design on one hand but also design for brand identity, packaging, presentation and promotion on the other.

See my process from start to finish on one example project.

I take you through the steps of bringing an idea to life,

from rough drawings to finely realized work.

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"There is a fundamental misunderstanding that exists in the relationship between the artist and the buyer. It is assumed, by both, that it is the buyer who has the power because the buyer brings money to the table. But anyone can do that. Only the artist can create."

- Geahk Burchill