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Tools You Will Need

The most important tools have been included in your kit but here's what you may still need to complete your marionette

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What Tools Do I need?: Text

You will need:

I was not able to provide every tool you will need in this kit but I have kept the list as minimal as I can so that anyone, of any material circumstances, should be able to build their own marionette with as little tool-investment as possible.

• A drill or rotary tool capable to holding a 1/8" or 3mm drill bit (included)

• Needle-nose pliers for some detailed assembly tasks

• A lighter or soldering iron for melting knots in Dacron or Nylon cord

• A sewing machine or simple needle and thread to sew the waist section

• (optional) Dremel or other rotary tool with burrs for detailed power-carving

• (optional) Sandpaper in at least two grits, 100 & 220 for smoothing your work

• (optional) weights for changing balance or posture of your puppet

• Paint and brushes in whichever medium you are most comfortable

• Fabric and materials for making clothing or other accessories

What Tools Do I need?: Text
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What Tools Do I need?: Text
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