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Get started with the help of these Control and Marionette Body Pattern-templates

Before we begin, you'll need to print out these patterns at 100% scale on 11"x17" (tabloid) or A3 size paper. If you aren't able to print A3/Tabloid size you can print them out on two sheets of A4 or letter size paper and tape them together. Download below.

Starting from scratch: Quote
1-4th scale tall thin male examination.jpg


Click to Download

Starting from scratch: Files


Print at 100% scale on A3 or 11 x 17 paper. (tabloid size)

This is my most recent marionette pattern, designed to be a fairly generic,  but adaptable, human figure. This works great as a starting point for a male or female puppet and with a little creativity and effort you can alter this basic pattern to create any kind of humanoid creature you can imagine


Print at 100% scale on A3 or 11 x 17 paper. (tabloid size)

This is my Version 30 Marionette Control Template. It represents the culmination of over twenty years of design and performance testing. You can use glue sticks to paste this pattern to 10mm or 3/8" birch plywood, or your choice of hardwood. I recommend cutting parts out on a bandsaw and routing a round-over on all edges for comfort.

Now that you've downloaded the patterns, we can begin the step by step instructions for how to make a marionette!

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